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Read the expedition’s description to learn about what to expect in that area. We also have volunteer requirements that you need to meet before joining. If all this suites you, we encourage you to apply in our two-step process!

The first step requires that you send some application forms and a deposit. We review the materials and will let you know whether or not you’ll be accepted to the program. The second step only needs to be taken once you’ve been accepted on the expedition.

Step 1:
Application Submission

1.Complete one of the following online forms. Choose the one that includes what you are applying for — just a volunteer position on an expedition, or the IMLI Internship plus a volunteer spot on an expedition, or a scholarship plus a volunteer spot on an expedition.

2.Complete, sign, and submit our Participant Agreement by email.

3.Send a $500 deposit to the address below.
This will only be deposited if you are accepted.

Step 2:
Once Accepted

  1. Wait for our acceptance notification. At this point we will advise you on travel and visa arrangements.
  2. See your physician and complete the Physician’s Health Statement.
  3. Be sure to send all forms and the full expedition fee at least 60 days before the departure date.

How To Send Deposits & Forms

Forms can either be scanned and emailed to or sent via mail with your deposit. Deposits must be mailed to the following address:

Partnership for Russian, East European and Eurasian Folklore Checks should be made out to this name

11544 23rd Ave N

Seattle, WA 98125

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